About the Course

Course Description

Both races will be run on scenic Kiawah Island. Enjoy maritime forest, marsh views and grand homes as you run through the island community. Be aware that during the race, roads are open to automobile traffic.

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon (SC16048DW) and Half Marathon (SC16049DW) courses are both Certified and Sanctioned by the USA Track & Field Organization and the Marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Full Marathon Course
Half Marathon Course

Race Start

Both races start and finish in the East Beach Village. Race start located on Sea Forest Drive between the Sanctuary and the East Beach Conference Center (just around the corner from the old race start). ALL RUNNERS BE READY FOR THE 8AM START! This race is not seeded, however we do ask late arrivals to join the group at the end of the line. Pace signs will be throughout the starting line to organize runners.  Please respect faster runners and line up accordingly.


There will be 15 different pace groups. Nine pacers will lead the full marathon with finish goals ranging from 3:25 to 5:00 hours. Six pacers will lead the half marathon with finish goals ranging from 1:45 to 3:00 hours. Beginning at 7:30am, pacers will be lining up at the starting line holding their pace sign. Even if you are not running with a pacer, we ask that everyone line up according to their PACE. 

Our pacing partner for the Kiawah Island Marathon is Beast Pacing. Beast Pacing provides pacers for events across the United States and abroad. Their pacers are professional, but have FUN while helping other runners reach their goals.

Whether it is a Boston Qualifying Time you are looking for, a P.R., or just someone to run with, Beast Pacing is there to help. Their pacers are chosen for their ability to successfully lead a group while keeping them motivated all the way to the finish. Pacers are assigned to Full Marathon times 20 minutes slower than they typically run (Half Marathon times 10 minutes slower) and are required to finish the race within 1 minute of goal time, but never over.

If you would like the opportunity to meet pacers in person or ask questions about the groups, Pacers will be at the East Beach Conference Center on Friday of Race Weekend during the race expo. Our Pace Team Lineup will be updated throughout the Fall as pacers are confirmed for the Marathon.

Course Restrictions

  • The 2018 course time limit is 6.5 hours. The course will officially close at 2:30pm.
  • All runners must have a Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon bib.
  • Participants are not permitted on the race course with animals, bicycles, baby joggers or strollers.
  • Runners are encouraged not to use earphones or earbuds for portable devices. If ear buds or phones are used, the runner may only use one earbud or earphone.
  • Spectators are able to access many areas of the course with bikes and strollers. Bikers may not pace runners. For all biking regulations, click here.
  • The majority of the course lies within a private community and is not accessible to the general public. If you would like to preview the race course please refer to the Pre-Race Bike Tour.

Runner Tracking

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon is excited to offer live runner tracking via text messaging! You will be able to enter up to 3 cell phone numbers. For Half Marathoners those numbers will receive notifications when you cross timing mats at miles 10 and the finish line. For Marathon runners your friends and family will be texted at miles 10, 13.1, 20, and the finish line. The sign-up for runner tracking will be available soon.

Please note: Upon registering for runner tracking, phone numbers will not receive a confirmation text. Runners must cross timing mats on the course, with their bib properly placed on their chest, for text message to be sent. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Aid Stations

Awesome volunteers at the Kiawah Island Marathon

Aid stations are placed approximately every two miles and are supplied with Appalachian Spring Water and Gatorade. Volunteers will present water first and Gatorade second, and lastly a water refill station. The volunteers distributing Gatorade will be wearing yellow jerseys. 


Mile 2: Water, Gatorade

Mile 4: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 6: Water, Gatorade, Twizzlers

Mile 7.5: Water, Gatorade, Hammer Gels

Mile 9.5: Water, Gatorade, Hammer Gels

Mile 11: Water, Gatorade, Twizzlers

Mile 13: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 14.5: Water, Gatorade, Pretzels

Mile 17 : Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas,

Mile 19: Water, Gatorade, Pretzels

Mile 20.5: Water, Gatorade, Blondies, Ginger Ale

Mile 21.5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 23.5: Water, Gatorade, Jelly Beans, Oranges

Mile 25.5: Water, Gatorade



Mile 2: Water, Gatorade

Mile 4: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 6.5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 8.5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Bananas

Mile 10.5: Water, Gatorade, Jelly Beans, Oranges

Mile 12: Water, Gatorade


Drop Zones

In an effort to continue being environmentally responsible and reduce trash in our marshes, drop zones will be the located on the course of the Full Marathon and the Half Marathon. You will find these drop zones after each water station. Trash (goo packets), recyclables (plastic water bottles, water station cups), compostables (orange and banana peels) and any clothing items should be dropped within the drop zone.

First Aid

Trident Medical Center

Medical personnel from Trident Sports Medicine, Charleston County EMS and Roper Lifelink will be available at the finish line medical tent and on the course to assist any runner in case of an emergency. Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, etc… will not be available on the course. 


Port-a-lets will be available in front of and behind the start / finish line, and placed approximately every two miles along the course.