Snuggled up against the beautiful South Carolina coast, the views and scenery at Kiawah Island Golf Resort are beyond picturesque. As you make your way towards the resort, the road is lined with pine trees and live oaks which are draped in Spanish moss and form a nice, cool canopy. Even though Kiawah Island is located amongst wetlands and lagoons, the resort has made valiant efforts to preserve and protect the natural wildlife. The resort has even earned an Audubon Certification for their efforts. Home to five golf courses, or 90 holes, Kiawah has plenty of choices to cater to every style of golfer.

Ocean Course

Kiawah Island Resort’s most famous course, Ocean Course, opened in 1991 and was designed by Pete and Alice Dye. This challenging course’s location was intended to give golfers a view of the Atlantic Ocean shoreline while also combating the strong winds that occupy the area. Located on the east end of the island, Ocean Course has more seaside holes than any other course in the Northern Hemisphere. Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, along with other publications, have consistently named this course as one of the best courses in the world. With all of this attention, Ocean Course was featured in the film (2000), and was also the first digital golf course available to play in the video game World Golf Tour.

Turtle Point

Designed by one of golf’s greatest players of all time, Jack Nicklaus, Turtle Point offers low profile features that take advantage of the island’s dune ridges and natural contours. Throughout the 18 holes, the course seamlessly flows through forests, brushes up against backwater lagoons and leads to three holes side alongside the beautiful Atlantic coastline. Turtle Point also contains subtle greens which require players to maintain skillful concentration and possess a deft touch in order to conquer this Golden Bear masterpiece.

Osprey Point

Unofficially known as the favorite course on Kiawah Island, Osprey Point is as much a nature walk as it is a golf course. Designer Tom Fazio, most acclaimed golf architect in history, was challenged to compete with the already popular course on the island. Throughout the course you will travel through dense maritime forests full of live oaks, palmettos and pines, visit four natural lakes and several saltwater marshes. Osprey Point blends together with nature in such a way that Fazio was able to use the surrounding environment to provide natural hazards. Osprey Point is adored by locals and visitors alike because it is a visual treat whether you’re golfing or just enjoying the scenery.

Oak Point

More than the other golf courses at Kiawah, Oak Point has undergone extensive renovations over the past few years, which has drastically improved the overall quality of golf and player experience. Located in close proximity to the Kiawah River, Oak Point was able to be molded into a first-class course featuring undulating fairways and trying greens. This course is not designed for hard hitters though. Those who take their time and form strategies will benefit from Oak Point’s classic course design instead.

Cougar Point

Cougar Point is the perfect blend of a course that emphasizes accuracy and power alike. Architect Gary Player got the chance to design Cougar Point atop the former site of Marsh Point, which had also been his creation back in the early 1970’s. This par-72 course provides panoramic views of the Kiawah River, endless seas of needles, and runs parallel to broad stretches of tidal marshes. Designed for championship standards, Cougar Point is challenging for scratch players, yet still delivers an enjoyable experience for all.

The Resort

Kiawah Island Resort, being only a short 20 mile drive from Charleston, is a very accessible vacation destination. The Sanctuary Hotel offers 255 luxurious rooms and suites. The hotel also offers every amenity you could imagine, including their award-winning spa, royalty-style dining rooms, clay tennis courts and countless activities to keep children occupied for days. If you’re looking for a more private experience, Kiawah Island Resort has 500 villas and 90 houses to choose from. Personally select the villa or house the best suits your needs, from the number of rooms you need, type of view you want, or location on the island. With so many available options, Kiawah Island Resort guarantees that they have the right accommodations for you.

Stress-Free Delivery

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