Why Kids Know Beach Vacations are THE BEST

Tell the kids you’re planning a beach vacation — their eyes will light up and they’ll be ready to load the boogie boards and beach toys in the car right this minute. For kids, the beach is the most fun every, any time of year. And South Carolina’s gorgeous stretches of sand are a family-friendly and vacation-ready from early spring through late fall and beyond. So just why do kids love the beach? Here’s the scoop straight from coastal South Carolina:

1. It’s a GIANT playground! Long stretches of sand and the vast ocean beyond — this is an endless fun zone for building sandcastles, flying kites, collecting shells and just exploring.

2. You can ride bikes. Most of South Carolina’s beaches are smooth and hard packed, so load up the bikes or just rent them when you get there. Start cruising the beach with the wind at your back and “Look Ma – no peddling!”

3. Critter encounters. While exploring these beaches, you’re likely to meet sand crabs and sandpipers and see other shore birds soaring by. You might even see a pelican diving for its dinner. And that’s not all…

4. There’s a dolphin out there! Keep an eye on the water to see dolphin playing around in the waves. Want to learn more about this friendly sea mammal? Take the gang out on the water for a dolphin encounters tour.

5. Turtles nest right on the beach. From mid-May to early August, endangered Loggerhead turtles dig nests and lay their eggs. (Nests are protected so observe from a distance.) If you’re lucky, you may see little hatchlings scrambling toward the surf.

6. You could catch dinner. Bring a fishing pole and try your luck at surf fishing. We’re betting this is something Dad will like too.

7. Great surfing. The calm waters are perfect to ride your boogie board for hours and hours. (Just remember to keep on putting that sunscreen on.)

8. Fun activities. Many beach resorts, like Kiawah Island, have special programs with games, movies and more especially for kids and teenagers. So you’re never bored, even if there’s a rainy day at the beach.

9. Hands-on nature study. Want to explore the sea, marshes and ponds and local creatures? Check out the many naturalist programs, nature and trail centers along the coast.

10. Ya, it’s dog friendly. On many beaches your pet can come along and enjoy the vacation too. Just keep Fido on a leash and bring along water and portable water bowl to keep him hydrated and healthy.

Parents also love how a beach vacation inspires walking, biking, swimming, sunbathing and playing together – no computer or video games needed! It’s the perfect way to experience nature’s sunlight and fresh air and enjoy time together as a family.

When you’re looking for a perfect family beach, check out recommendations from “Dr. Beach”, who rates the best places to get sand between your toes. (His real name is Dr. Stephen Leatherman and you can read more about this scientist and his passion for the coast on his website). One beach that’s consistently on his “Top Ten” list is Kiawah Island, South Carolina — a unique and beautiful spot that’s a favorite with all ages. To discover more about this family-friendly beach and explore all there is to do at this coastal South Carolina destination, visit KiawahResort.com.