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Airborne versus Rolling

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In putting we all know that we want the ball to roll and not get airborne. In pitching we want the opposite and in chipping we want either or a combination of air and ground. Here is the rule of thumb to help you accomplish both. First if it is to roll the lower half of your body must stay completely still. No weight shift or knee or hip movements, but if you are looking to get it airborne a certain amount of lower body action is necessary. The trailing knee should follow the clubhead through impact. Remember the knee moves to get the ball airborne and stays still to get the ball rolling.

The Golf Swing Begins with A Good Set Up

First we will start with our feet. Your feet should be spaced about shoulder width apart. This gives us a solid base in which to move. If our feet are too close together, then we can lose our balance and fall over. If our feet are too far apart, then we can’t move to shift our weight.

Next we move up to our knees. We want to bend our knees slightly to put us in an athletic position. The best way to describe it is to lock your knees by completely straightening your legs. Now just unlock them. This athletic position is similar to a defensive stance in basketball or baseball.

At this point we should discuss our posture. Make sure that you have your shoulders back and chest out. Make sure not to slouch. We want to look proud and confident that we know what we are doing.

Finally we move up to our hips. In our athletic position, with our feet shoulder width apart and knees bent slightly, we want to bend from our waist. Similar to bending over a table to reach something on the other side. This will allow your arms to hang loosely in front of your body. You are now in the proper stance to hit a golf ball.
Ryan Rushton/Certified PGA Golf Instructor

No More Three Putts

On the putting green, place 5-6 golf balls in a line from shortest to farthest from the hole (you pick the how far each ball is away from each other). Practice hitting each ball to a game (or in the hole) promoting only two putts. This works on distance control. Remember distance control is how far back the club is taken back determines how far the ball goes.
Abby Welch LPGA/Certified PGA Golf Instructor

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