Club Fitting at Kiawah Island

Is It Your Clubs or Your Game?


Having the right golf clubs can be the difference between failure and success on the golf course. 90% of golfers today are not playing with custom fit clubs. Their equipment may not match their game or even fit their physical features.

Kiawah Offers Personal Golf Club Fitting

Kiawah’s PGA Certified Professionals, available at the Tommy Cuthbert Golf Learning Center, are available to provide you the ultimate club fitting service. Your measurements and physical characteristics are use to analyze and match you with the right make and model golf clubs to fit your swing.

Despite popular myths, players of all ages and levels of play can benefit from having golf clubs that fit and match their game. No need to worry that custom golf clubs are expensive. Often custom clubs can be purchased at nearly the same price as clubs right off the store rack. It’s the expertise that a professional club fitter provides in the proper make and model of your custom fit clubs that improves your golf game.


Get Set, Swing

Golf If you are ready to get started with your own professional golf club fitting, please call our PGA Certified Professional to set up your appointment; Ronnie Miller (843) 266-4039.