Golf Groups Use Golf Trip Genius

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is pleased to introduce you to a fantastic, easy to use, innovative online tool that will make your job as trip captain easier and more enjoyable for you and your golf buddies.

Golf Trip Genius enhances any golf outing big or small with unrivaled user friendliness. Through our relationship with Golf Trip Genius every golf group that visits our resort receives free use of this tool for creating perfect pairings. The number of possible ways to place 12 golfers into 3 foursomes over 6 rounds is 50 billion trillion – a very big number. Perfect Pairings’ proprietary scheduling algorithms solve the challenge in literally seconds. In addition to making sure everyone plays with everyone else the maximum possible times, the scheduler takes into account specific rules set by the captain, such as “Mike and John should play together in round one,” or “I want to set-up ABCD foursomes for rounds three and four.” Perfect Pairings easily automates all kinds of pairing scenarios. Finally, with the Perfect Pairings “drag and drop” visual editor, the pairings can be even further fine-tuned – for perfect tee sheets every time.

Trip captains can also choose to upgrade to the Genius Edition for a nominal charge. The Genius Edition includes the following capabilities:

Trip Logistics

Golf captains know the key to solving the logistics puzzle is good communication. The captain can invite the other golfers with the standard invitation or a personally customized email. When players accept the invitation, they can enter logistical information like handicaps, travel arrangements, cell numbers, emergency contact information, car rental plans, etc. They’ll also have access to the housing arrangements, and the group message board for efficient communications with the whole group (and maybe a little smack talk).

Trip Book

Most captains put together a trip book or album to keep everyone organized and later to memorialize the trip. With the Trip Book tool, captains can pull together logistical information, tee sheets, tournament details, and scorecards, as well as the social stuff – captain’s letter, player profiles, photos selected by the captain, photos of the trip destination, photos from last year’s trip, or any other pics – and easily make it available to all the golfers in a great looking digital or print format. As part of the Trip Book tool, we provide a complete photo gallery – you and the other golfers can upload and download photos, and publish photos or the entire trip book to Facebook. We even provide a handy album of great golf stock photos that you can include in the Trip Book.

See our Sample Trip Book!

Trip Tournament Manager

What’s a golf trip without some competition and a little friendly action? The Trip Tournament Manager lets captains setup a variety of different tournaments, quickly enter scores for the rounds, and generate a detailed leader board, point summary and shot statistics summary. The straightforward user interface gives captains access to both basic tournaments, like Nassau’s, Skins, and Stablefords, to more advanced tournaments, like Ryder Cups. The score entry process is designed for speed (a round with 16 players can be entered in less than two minutes), gross and net score accuracy (we have almost 1,000 courses in our database) , and ease of use (even allowing scores to be entered on an iPad).

Trip Accountant

One of the golf captain’s necessary but nasty jobs is keeping track of all the expenses and settling up after the trip. Missing receipts are just the beginning – how about scenarios like, John paid the tab Friday night, but Mark and Tom missed the dinner; Dick rented a car, but then used it for 2 days following the trip for business; everyone put $200 in the pot, and now the winnings need to get paid out according to the tournament results. The Trip Accountant provides a highly intelligent, easy-to-use solution to help eliminate the trip expenses hassle.

Once you’ve booked your Kiawah Island Golf Resort golf group you will automatically receive a personal invitation to take advantage of our complimentary pairings service and to introduce you to all of the other features offered through the Genius Edition. You and your buddies are going to love it!

Enjoy a golf experience built exclusively for you and your guests. Please call John so he can provide you with creative options for your group at (843) 768-2796 or email: