Swing into Kiawah’s Family Tee Program

Kiawah Family Tee program

Kiawah Island Golf Resort launched its Family Tee program in 2005. By design, the program introduces kids to golf in a fun, low-pressure family setting. Budding players (young or old) benefit from the real-world experience of playing and keeping score on four of the resort’s championship courses. 

Top 10 reasons to hit the links with Family Tee   

  1. It provides a fun, low-key introduction to the game of golf. Even novice adults find it intimidating when thrown into a foursome during a busy weekend. Why add needless pressure to an already challenging game? Family Tee, by its very design, alleviates that pressure. 
  2. It provides real experience. While time on the driving range instills indispensable muscle memory and a feel for club distances, kids need more to learn the game. There is no substitute for encountering the almost infinite variety of shot set-ups encountered while keeping score on the course.
  3. It makes for great dedicated family time. As wonderful as they are, all of our modern conveniences and obligations compete with dedicated family time. Sharing time on the golf course greatly minimizes the distractions, allowing family to spend quality time together engaged in a common, healthy activity. Lay some ground rules from the start, beginning with Rule Number 1: “No handheld game devices or texting with friends while on the course.”
  4. It maximizes time spent on the course. For the Family Tee program, Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s  sets tee markers up in the fairway instead of from the tee boxes, ensuring everyone tees off from the same spot. No tee distance is longer than 250 yards from the pin, making it accessible for all family members. This also removes the “impossible shot” factor that can quickly discourage kids, plus it speeds up the pace so that fatigue and boredom don’t become factors.
  5. It integrates family time and golf time. Tired of stifling those pangs of guilt when you dedicate four hours away from your family to pursue your favorite game?  We all already feel pulled a million different directions between work and family, so trying to work in a little R&R defeats the purpose by upping the anxiety. Problem solved: Family Tee avoids the dilemma by combining golf time and family time. How’s that for efficiency?
  6. It sets up youngsters for success.  In addition to setting up tees in the fairways for manageable distance, Kiawah Island Golf Resort rents junior clubs so kids learn to play with properly fitting equipment. Tee starters also allow ample space between groups so kids don’t feel pressured by a group hot on their heels. The resort also created special scorecards for all four courses that host the program.  
  7. It gets the whole family outside. Tired of trying to pry Junior away from the screen? Walking fairways is a great form of low-impact outdoor exercise that engages the senses, fosters an appreciation for nature and develops strategic and spacial thinking.
  8. It offers great value on the best courses. Kids play free in the Family Tee program, and the resort reduces adult’s greens fees to $50 for resort guests ($65 for nonguests). 
  9.  It presents kids with diverse set-ups. Four of Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s championship courses participate in the program: Fazio’s Osprey Point, Nicklaus’ Turtle Point, Player’s Cougar Point, and Johnston’s Oak Point. The result? Your child’s game benefits from experiencing four uniquely different courses, so the game doesn’t become humdrum and your child is presented with a nearly infinite set of shot setups.   
  10. It grows the game of golf. When he assumed the reins of golf’s governing body, PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh issued a mandate: grow the game. He asked a pertinent question: “How do we make it into our kids’ game” instead of just “our parents’ game our our game?” First step: get your kids involved in golf early and make it fun, because they are the future of the game. At the same time, you can subtly instill in them the rich history and tradition of the game that spans centuries. In doing so, your family becomes a small yet vital part of that tradition. 

Get Involved

The Kiawah Family Tee program runs throughout the summer and during select dates around the Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays.To explore Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Family tee program, visit our Family Golf Instruction page or call the pro shop any one of our participating courses